Providing professional care and support for your loved ones Providing professional care and support for your loved ones Providing professional care and support for your loved ones

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Last Updated: 01-02-2018


At Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd, our aims and objectives are to promote independent flexible living.

We aim to respect the wishes and expectations of every service user. Service users should:

– Be treated with respect and dignity as a valued individual.
– Be able to enjoy social interaction, physical security, privacy and dignity.
– Be encouraged to live and act as independently as possible.
– Have equal opportunities to participate in day to day activities.
– To be able to interact with other individuals within the community, forming relationships with people who are not providing services to them.



We provide support services to individuals living within their own homes in Denbighshire and surrounding areas.  We have an extensive home care manual describing all our activities and where and how these will be provided to you.  This document is supplied to all our clients to enable you to understand our methods and delivery of care and support within your home.

In accordance with regulation 21, we can assure you that with around 60+ staff, we have the resources available to provide you with a consistent service in line with this statement of purpose and home care manual thus enabling us to meet your current needs and outcomes.  We endeavor to provide you with a personal team of trained carers, to do this we operate our staff in set tight areas.  This means that you will see the same care support staff at regular intervals, rather than having too many new faces visiting you to provide your care and support.  When your regular carers are either on holiday or absent, we will send another carer known to you so that there is no interruption to your regular support routines and choices.  Within 7 days of your support commencing, we will carry out a full assessment to ensure we deliver what matters to you to enable you to achieve your outcomes.  All staff we provide to cover your package of care are fully trained to a minimum Diploma level 2.  Your care package is reviewed every 6 months or whenever your support package is changed.

Reviews of this statement of purpose
Our statement of purpose is a living document, as such it is regularly reviewed and updated, we will only notify all clients and staff if any of the following changes occur:

We decide that we are able to provide any form of nursing care or support. (We do not currently provide any nursing care)
We decide that we are going to deliver specialist services (such as enhanced domiciliary care services)
We alter our staffing arrangements (only if this would affect your service delivery)
A service we currently deliver is removed from our services delivered.

When this statement of purpose is reviewed, we keep the previous master in our files.
Please read that document in its entirety to ensure you know how we operate our service delivery.  If you have any questions in relation to the content within the manual, or any suggestions for alterations and improvements, our contact details are at the end of this document.


– Care to the elderly mentally ill
– Elderly vulnerable or chronically ill adults
– Support calls for the elderly or physically disabled
– Adults with sensory loss/ impairment
– Terminally ill
– Learning difficulties
– Drug and Alcohol
– Care provisions for 18yrs and over
– Physical disabilities
– EMI and MI


We are registered with the Care Inspectorate Wales.

CIW North Wales Region
Government Offices
Sarn Mynach
Llandudno Junction
LL31 9RZ