Providing professional care and support for your loved ones Providing professional care and support for your loved ones Providing professional care and support for your loved ones

Company Profile

Last Updated: 12-09-2013


At Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd, our aims and objectives are to promote independent flexible living.

We aim to respect the wishes and expectations of every service user. Service users should:

– Be treated with respect and dignity as a valued individual.
– Be able to enjoy social interaction, physical security, privacy and dignity.
– Be encouraged to live and act as independently as possible.
– Have equal opportunities to participate in day to day activities.
– To be able to interact with other individuals within the community, forming relationships with people who are not providing services to them.


At Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd, we pride ourselves on being able to assist individuals to remain living independently in their own homes. Service users are encouraged to make their own decisions and choices with regards to how they wish to live in their own homes.

We recognise our service users individuality, and respect their independence and will treat them with respect and due consideration at all times. We will listen to their views, choices and assist them to make informed decisions about their daily activities. The needs of the service user are assessed and met wherever possible within the resources available to either the local authority or the service user themselves.

We will communicate openly with every individual service user to ascertain their level of need and will ensure that our provision of care / support is of a high quality and offers value for money. We constantly monitor our care / support provision to ensure we are meeting the highest standards.


– Care to the elderly mentally ill
– Elderly vulnerable or chronically ill adults
– Support calls for the elderly or physically disabled
– Adults with sensory loss/ impairment
– Terminally ill
– Learning difficulties
– Drug and Alcohol
– Care provisions for 18yrs and over
– Physical disabilities
– EMI and MI


We are registered with the Care and Social Standards Inspectorate Wales.

CSSIW North Wales Region
Government Offices
Sarn Mynach
Llandudno Junction
LL31 9RZ